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Welcome to the parlor.

N. Ever & Moore is a mentalism and magic act designed to mystify audiences of all ages. Using a unique blend of storytelling, theatrical illusion and performance, they brings audiences into a world of mystery and shadow. 


Magic, mind reading, and performance combine to create a unique experience your audiences won't soon forget. 





What is Mentalism? 

Mentalism is a performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. Mind reading, predictions and performative seance all fall under the umbrella of mentalism. 

How long is the show? 

Never & Moore are flexible in their booking and performance schedule. They can perform in increments of 30 minutes or up to an entire evening. 

Is it possible to book Never & Moore for my event or celebration? 

Yes. Click here. 

Who are Evelyn and Nikolas? Are they real people? 

Of all of the illusions that Never & Moore are able to perform, we assure you that our corporeal forms are far from one of them. 

Are your artifacts actually haunted?

As a means of allowing our audiences the full benefit of the doubt, we encourage any doubting observer to select one of our artifacts and bring it home with them for the evening. As of yet, there have been no survivors. 

Are you family friendly? 

Our show is 'rated" PG- while there is no suggestive or lewd content, we do invoke deadly spirits and bring dangerous elements to our haunted chambers, so we advise parents to use their best judgement when deciding if our show is right for you. 




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