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Nikolas Ever

Con man. Charlatan. Corrupt. There have been many words used to describe Nikolas, but he prefers "archaeologist". 

His upbringing in the poker halls and music parlors of New York instilled in him a mistrust of promises too good to be true, and his thirst for adventure-- and a hefty profit-- have taken him across the globe in search of rare and unusual artifacts. 

It was on one such search that he encountered a strange and singular phenomenon that he could not explain away- a shy, unassuming librarian who could read his mind. 

Since that encounter, he has dedicated his life to the study and debunking of the strange, the mystical and the bizarre. 

Evelyn Moore

The only daughter of a widowed mortician, Evelyn grew up surrounded by books and uncommonly communicative spirits. 

After graduating Oxford at an unusually early age, she began a career as a librarian. Unfortunately for her, the spirits had other plans and she found her calling as a medium, communicating with spirits and exploring the mysteries of that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns. She has traveled the world in search of answers-- her penchant for the rational and scientific fact is reflected in her unique gift.

The spirits speak to her-- and her audiences-- through her collection of artifacts.  

She invites audiences to spend an evening exploring the unexplained and the unusual. Ink, paper, a candle and a few pages of a well-worn book are all she needs to create her special blend of 
dark mystery and suspense, where spirits walk and the things that lurk in shadow are brought suddenly-- and fantastically-- to light. 

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